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Month: April 2019

Things You Should Know About Foods That Suppress Appetite

Facts about Foods that Suppress Appetite

1. Eat the Good Kinds of Fat
Although most of us are turned off by the idea of “eating fat,” it’s a totally different story when we’re eating the type of fats that are healthy. These will be the ones that are able to suppress your appetite. You want to eat foods with monosaturated fat because when the fat is in that form, it makes your body think that it’s full and satisfied. Foods that suppress appetite and contain high monosaturated fat include olives and olive oil, sunflower kernels, avocados, macadamia nuts, and almonds. Also, you can eat tiny servings of mayonnaise, heavy cream, and cream cheese to suppress your appetite.

2. Fibrous Veggies!
By just being healthy and eating green foods will be enough to suppress your appetite. These vegetables are high in fiber, so you’ll get full easily, and they’re low in calories so you won’t gain any weight. Foods that suppress appetite in this category include radicchio, endive, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, peppers, cauliflower, celery, and a whole lot more… (many vegetables fall into this category). Do your best to eat as many fibrous veggies in every meal so that you can always suppress your appetite. If you’re not used to consuming raw foods, then start out slowly so you can avoid indigestion.

3. Eat Protein 
Protein is great to eat because it slows down the rate of your body’s absorption of carbs. When you eat a lot of carbs by themselves, your body will quickly take the excess energy and store it in your fat cells. Foods that suppress appetite and are high in protein include fish/seafood, lean meats, chicken, and egg whites. To prevent your meal from having too much fat, you shouldn’t eat gravy and high carb foods such as French fries, white flour pasta, and potato chips. An interesting little fact is that if you eat protein, drinking beer will even be a little less fattening for you! If you can’t eat enough protein during the day, then try adding some protein shakes to your diet.

4. Spicy Foods
Unless you have a high tolerance for spice, this tip will apply to you. Whenever you eat spicy foods, I bet you drink a lot of water in the process. Drinking a lot of water when you eat will cause you to feel satisfied much faster. So add hot sauces or spices such as ginger, wasabi, garlic chili sauce, etc. This will turn your regular foods into foods that suppress appetite.

5. More Fiber!
In addition to fibrous vegetables, you should eat fibrous fruits… especially if you need to eat something sweet. The more fiber it has, the more slowly you’re going to digest the food. Whenever you can, don’t take off the peels of fruits. If you’re trying to lose weight, then you should only eat a serving of 1 per day and eat a lot more veggies instead.

Add these foods that suppress appetite to your diet and you’ll notice you’re getting less hungry during the day. But for all of you looking to lose weight, remember that you should have a completely healthy diet and that you should have plenty of exercise. If you want more advice on either of those two important weight loss aspects, then visit my fitness website, Elite Fitness Zone [], to learn more about weight loss, diets, and muscle building. If you’re really serious about losing weight and getting back into shape, then check out my review of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle eBook [] This is a weight loss program that is guaranteed to make you burn fat quickly, without using some crazy gimmick. This is a program that takes you back to the old and true method of losing fat: fitness and proper dieting.

Stop Struggling With Food and Weight Obsession

If you’re a plus size gal struggling with cravings and food fantasies are leading you around by the nose, it’s not evidence of a lack of will power, a personality defect, a chemical imbalance, a slow metabolism, rotten genes or a bad habit. It’s none of those things. The real cause of your overeating and obsessive ‘food think’ is an imbalance in your body’s energy system. In other words, it’s not what you’re eating; it’s what’s eating you! Stress!

Stress is the enemy

Research in the emerging field of mind/body medicine continues to prove that our minds and bodies are just like two sides of the same coin. Your emotions, thoughts and beliefs have a profound effect on your physical body. According to the World Health Organization, stress is the number one global epidemic. I was shocked to learn that stress is the cause of 85% of all illnesses. Like many women, I used to think that I was stressed because I was overweight, now I know that I’ve been overweight because I’ve been stressed.

If like me, you’ve spent years dieting, hating your body, scale hopping, hyper-focused on eating carefully, and always watching your weight, you’ve probably learned to fear food and think of yourself as a bottomless pit of hunger. Resentment, anger and fear are not emotions that are conducive to living a healthy, happy life. These are all part of the diet mentality at work which will keep you thinking like a fat person. After years of buying into this way of thinking, playing the diet and deprivation game, I’ve discovered that holding these negative feelings toward myself and my body only creates a self fulfilling prophecy that fuels the urge to eat. Keep in mind that our thoughts often lead to action. I’ve learned the hard way, you can’t get thin, if you’re thinking fat.

What I discovered about making peace with food

For decades, I thought of myself as an emotional eater, a fat gal who had no self control around food. From the time I was 10 years old, every day whether on a diet or not, my life was centered around what I was going to eat next. The angry voices of my inner critic continually reminded me of my weaknesses and made me feel awful. Like many women, I sought out comfort in food. Whenever I was dieting, I faced a constant struggle of trying to arm wrestle down my cravings. In 2006, after years of living in fear of food and trying to diet in order to tame the size of my thighs, I finally decided to take the leap, stop all dieting and question the many ratty and fatty beliefs that had me feeling so out of control around food and hating my body. That was when I learned how an individual’s self image affects every aspect of their life. Depending upon how you feel about yourself and what kind of person you envision yourself to be, that will determine your relationship with food and your body. Once I began to put that information together, I realized I had become my own worst critic and that the whole process of dieting only perpetuated the cycle of my self abuse.

Now that I’m no longer walking around in a constant state of being deprived, and letting my inner critic run roughshod over me, I feel so relaxed. Since I’ve questioned many of my old beliefs and values, I am now able to see myself as more than just a fat pair of thighs. I have a much greater degree of compassion and appreciation for myself as a whole person. Now that I realize that diets are not the answer, and our binges have valuable messages, I don’t worry about sabotaging myself by overeating, I rarely think about food when I’m not hungry. You can also experience this same level of peace of mind and put an end to your obsessive thoughts around food.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Recognize that diets don’t work – According to research it’s been proven that up to 98% of all dieters who slimmed down, regain their weight back within 5 years. It’s a tough pill to swallow but it’s time to realize that diets don’t work. Traci Mann, lead author of a composite study done in April of 2008 at UCLA says, “Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people. Eating in moderation is a good idea for everybody, and so is regular exercise.”

Permission – Give yourself license to stop dieting, break out of the cycle of deprivation and stop endlessly judging every morsel you eat as either good or bad. Believing that deprivation is the key to success in losing weight, many women fall into the trap of depriving themselves without really dieting by trying to make ‘healthy choices’ by omitting some or many foods or food groups from their choices in order to lose weight. By doing this, you create a huge sense of feeling deprived which only sets you up for failure, because we always want what we believe we can’t have.

Re-establish self trust around food – Know that eating to satisfy your physiological hunger is a natural process. For many women like myself who have spent years dieting or watching their weight, this natural intuitive awareness of the body’s needs has become dulled down. This is due to the many messages that we’ve learned to accept to ignore our hunger and think of it as something to fear. By focusing on how your body feels and eating when you get hungry, you can rebuild that sense of awareness.

Clean sweep – Go through your cabinets, drawers, fridge, pantries, freezer and toss out all the foods you hate. These include all the foods you choke down in order to lose weight–think protein powders and crackers that taste like cardboard. If you don’t truly enjoy what you’re eating and drinking, you’re depriving yourself and if you feel deprived, your next binge won’t be far away.

Eat foods you love – Honor your food preferences – If you’re a gal who loves pasta, mangia. If chocolate turns you on, go for it. Start to carry it around in your bag. Do things that will reinforce the message to your brain that food is safe and you can be trusted around it. Eat when you’re hungry and set an intention to stop before you get too full. When you overdo it, forgive your goof and move on. This is a process that comes with being kind to yourself. You will begin to quiet your cravings when you start to eat and feel safe around the foods you love.

Eat mindfully more often – Don’t assume you know what food really tastes like. When you live depriving yourself of foods you crave, it makes you want them more. When you finally get to eat them, you may end up binging on them. That’s because you’re not really after the food, your brain is seeking to recreate the feelings that those foods have stirred up in your body. By slowing down and recognizing that you can eat those goodies anytime you want, you unplug that desperate urge to have them. You may have loved candy corn and caramel apples as a little girl, but as an adult giving yourself food freedom, you may begin to notice that the old craves aren’t all they were cracked up to be.

Deal with your stress – Since the real cause of your overeating and obsessive ‘food think’ is an imbalance in your body’s energy system, coping with the upsets in your life is probably the biggest factor in your ability to succeed in getting thinner without dieting. I tend to favor using energy coaching tools that are equivalent to emotional acupuncture without the ouch of needles. One of my favorite go to stress relief methods that I use often is Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT has its roots in the ancient science of acupuncture and by tapping on different parts of your face and upper body, you can eliminate negative emotions rapidly. This is because your body is a low level electro-magnetically charged system and when you have negative emotions, it is caused by a block in your energy. No matter what method you choose, know that unless you deal with the buggin’ you’s that are buggin’ you in life, you will never have control of your thoughts. In order to short circuit your tendency to obsess about food, you must find alternative ways to cope with your stress.

Be gentle with yourself – Changing the way that you talk to and treat yourself is a key component in reclaiming your power. After all we teach others how we want to be treated. As you take aggressive action to deal with your stress, you have a clear head and can eliminate the distractions in your life that are making you feel powerless. Having this expanded sense of inner peace will give you an ability to be more compassionate, respectful, gentle and loving with yourself. When you recognize that you deserve to be treated well, you fulfill yourself from the inside out. When you feel fulfilled, your issues around food will effortlessly fall into place.

Things You Didn’t Know About Foods

Don’t think that you know everything that there is to know about foods that burn fat. These foods do so much more than just burn fat.

You’ve heard about foods that burn fat. And now you are a bit skeptical because you think that fat burning foods work by simply burning fat. But don’t think that you know everything there is to know about burning fat foods. They definitely don’t simply burn fat.

Here are 5 surprising things that you didn’t know about foods that burn fat. These things will help you to include fat burning foods in your diet to start benefiting from them.

  • There are 5 different types – Foods that burn fat are divided into 5 different categories, according to the main benefit that they hold. It is important to include fat burning foods from each category to really reap the rewards of the different benefits of each category.
  • They can also speed up your weight loss – There are some burning fat foods that can also speed up your weight loss and make you not only lose fat, but also weight.
  • They will help you to be fuller for longer – Some of those foods works by keeping you fuller for longer. And when you are fuller for longer, you will eat less and lose more weight and fat.
  • They can help you fight cravings – These foods are excellent if you struggle with cravings. They will help you to say no to cravings.
  • They will make you healthier – All foods that burn fat are super healthy and will boost your health with every bite. You will not only look better, but you will also feel better if you include them in your diet regularly.

Do you want to learn more about what foods to eat to lose fat and get leaner? If you do, my FREE special report (Fat Burning Foods Uncovered) will be perfect for you.

Why Are We So Passionate About Food

Finding the right foods to be passionate about can be very difficult. With all the sugar, fat and other great tasting ingredients, choice has become a big part of our daily lives. Being obese is so simple, every child’s dream must surely be about food?

Obesity-Why are we so Passionate about Food?

I love to eat and food can be overwhelmingly so great as to consume most of our waking moments. I see people all around me, especially children, that crave food from the moment they get up in the morning until they go to sleep at night. Do you know any? More importantly, do you know “why”?

The earth abounds in a wealth of nutritional availability that most of our Grandparents and Great- Grandparents would turn over in their graves if they only knew how we were wasting it all on being a gluten society of overweight and obese people. Shame on us all!

Don’t get me wrong now, I love food just as much as you do, maybe more. I just love my life and being healthy more. Can I say this and be grammatically correct? Food has us all tied up in knots and even the First Lady is involved. We are no longer trying to find a way to feed the hungry(even though hunger still exists) we are trying to find ways to stop people(especially children) from eating so much. Incredible when you think of it?

Why are we so Passionate about Food?

Their must be this magic formula in our brain that sets off our desire for food. Their can only be so many reasons that most of us are getting so fat as to create all this obesity fuss around the world.

The passion we have for foods seems to be overtaking the passion we use to have for sex. Now their is a good one. I just read a story lately of many married people not being able physically to even have sex, because they are so big. Can you imagine that? How can this be happening to most people that know better? Their must be powerful drugs, induced purposely into our foods, that are making us go wild about food, more than sex? Who would ever of thought?

On a more serious note now:Why are we so Passionate about Food?

  • Do we have too much time on our hands?
  • Are we just lazy and weak?
  • Are we so afraid of being afraid that we do not even leave our kids play outside on the streets anymore?
  • Are all schools off limits for extra-curricular activities because of union problems and insurance companies afraid of being sued if kids are hurt?

Food seems to be taking over the Passion we use to have in our hearts to just be good people and wanting to strive to attain dreams and goals that were not tied into our ability to feed our stomachs for pleasure. We need to learn to eat to maintain our health and to fuel our brains to achieve greatness.

How is it working for us at the moment.