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Why Are We So Passionate About Food

Finding the right foods to be passionate about can be very difficult. With all the sugar, fat and other great tasting ingredients, choice has become a big part of our daily lives. Being obese is so simple, every child’s dream must surely be about food?

Obesity-Why are we so Passionate about Food?

I love to eat and food can be overwhelmingly so great as to consume most of our waking moments. I see people all around me, especially children, that crave food from the moment they get up in the morning until they go to sleep at night. Do you know any? More importantly, do you know “why”?

The earth abounds in a wealth of nutritional availability that most of our Grandparents and Great- Grandparents would turn over in their graves if they only knew how we were wasting it all on being a gluten society of overweight and obese people. Shame on us all!

Don’t get me wrong now, I love food just as much as you do, maybe more. I just love my life and being healthy more. Can I say this and be grammatically correct? Food has us all tied up in knots and even the First Lady is involved. We are no longer trying to find a way to feed the hungry(even though hunger still exists) we are trying to find ways to stop people(especially children) from eating so much. Incredible when you think of it?

Why are we so Passionate about Food?

Their must be this magic formula in our brain that sets off our desire for food. Their can only be so many reasons that most of us are getting so fat as to create all this obesity fuss around the world.

The passion we have for foods seems to be overtaking the passion we use to have for sex. Now their is a good one. I just read a story lately of many married people not being able physically to even have sex, because they are so big. Can you imagine that? How can this be happening to most people that know better? Their must be powerful drugs, induced purposely into our foods, that are making us go wild about food, more than sex? Who would ever of thought?

On a more serious note now:Why are we so Passionate about Food?

  • Do we have too much time on our hands?
  • Are we just lazy and weak?
  • Are we so afraid of being afraid that we do not even leave our kids play outside on the streets anymore?
  • Are all schools off limits for extra-curricular activities because of union problems and insurance companies afraid of being sued if kids are hurt?

Food seems to be taking over the Passion we use to have in our hearts to just be good people and wanting to strive to attain dreams and goals that were not tied into our ability to feed our stomachs for pleasure. We need to learn to eat to maintain our health and to fuel our brains to achieve greatness.

How is it working for us at the moment.